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The Story

On a Sunday afternoon, the inevitable question was again staring at her “Khana Mein Kya Banega?” Famished and not in a mood to cook, Noorin was struggling to decide whether to order food or to cook at home. An engineering graduate by choice and a homemaker again by choice, alike millions of Indian women, she is worried about the nutritional content of meal along with taste.

Being from the millennial generation, Noorin knows that while the eating out culture has caught on like never before in India, professionals to students moving across cities are constantly on the lookout for home-cooked food, or 'ghar ka khana', that offers comfort to the body and soul. While she understands that skipping meals is a genuine problem as it leads to various health issues, she realized this was a business opportunity.

Her research showed that when experiencing hunger pangs, most youngsters now rely on the multiple food-tech apps for a ‘quick fix’ of junk food. Then there are others who skip breakfast or other meals because of lack of time and other reasons.
Over couple of months, along with a group of like minded friends, she collaborated with various chefs and cooks to find right combination. The focus was to create an all-in-one offering of taste, hygiene, consistent quality, variety, and focus on health keeping customers at the heart. That was the day when the concept of S.N.B. Food Fusion (S.N.B.- So Not Boring) was conceived.
Inspired by the Thomas Keller quote “A Recipe Has No Soul. You As The Cook Bring Soul to the Recipe”, the first offering of S.N.B. Food Fusion – The Tummy Treat is ready to roll. This is just a start and may more to come.


Our mission is to revolutionize the Indian food industry by providing quality food with focus on home based taste, hygiene, health and fast & polite service.


To be a leading company serving our clients at their doorsteps with nutritionally balanced, delicious food that is hygienically cooked.

Our Team

Our team is a passionate group of professionals and homemakers who are committed to give the ultimate food experience to its customers. We have put a lot of focus on making sure the food delivered by us is prepared with great hygiene and unlike most other eateries maintain consistency in quality standards.

Mrs. Noorin Fatma

Mrs. Noorin Fatma

Founder & Director

Mrs. Swarnima Sneha

Mrs. Swarnima Sneha

Food Critic

Mr. Sandeep Sethi

Mr. Sandeep Sethi

Cookery Consultant

Our Offerings

We want to reach to your heart through what you see, smell and taste. To achieve this, we offer a range of exceptional products that customers enjoy at home, at office and on the go. We offer both Vegetarian & Non Vegetarian variety under following categories:

Corporate Offering

Retails Offering

Our Societal Responsibilities

Ethical Sourcing : We take a holistic approach to ethically sourcing high quality ingredients. This includes responsible purchasing practices of food ingredients and fresh vegetables, which helps foster a better future for farmers.
Waste Reduction : We aim at minimizing food wastage by precisely predicting our requirements; Pre-ordering of meals helps us in achieving it. Food leftovers, if any, are served to those who might not have a steady food supply.